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Current Focus
  • SANTI Child Care Center: Currently SANTI is supporting 25 children previously belonging to really poor segment of the society. They used to lack basic necessities for example, food, home & parenting. It is difficult for these kids to join school when basic necessities are not fulfilled. SANTI is committed to provide education, food, and shelter for these children. We need your support to continually run these programmes.  
           We are requesting you to support a child. For expenses details please click here. 
              Please support a children through SANTI Child Care Center to know more or donate please click here.

  • SANTI Child Labour Elimination School: Currently SANTI provides free education, lunch and materials and vocational training to 50 children aged between 5 to 16 years old, who were dropped out or never attended a school, from a poor village area near Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. They used to beg in train station for food,collect metal scraps and sell, clean table in restaurants, work as a domestic servant or work in local factories.
          Please support a child labourer to stop work and join our SANTI Child Care Labour Elimination School. To know more or donate please click here.

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