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Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement
Our Philosophy
Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement (SANTI) is a result oriented charity organization based in rural setting of Ranibandh, Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. ( Map-Link)
SANTI was established in 1995 and is very active in our region. Children education is the flagship program for the organization including women self help group (WSHG) formation, vocational training for women, small business training for women, child labor elimination program, sanitation training for rural areas.  
At SANTI, we believe in principles of activity based accounting, each activity is tagged to a price. It is a very transparent way of doing charity and clearly shows how contribution is utilized in bits and pieces.  
As a donor you can speak to a child or our Warden to know more about a child. You can help for specific givings such as donating clothes, or school supplies or even computer to the children. We record the activity and expenses report and show you the progress or result. This helps the donor to observe and comment on beneficiary activities. In this way donor is able to understand the need of the child and help in a better way to impact the child’s need. 
SANTI estimates the cost of the project for each child and conveys the statistics to the donor.
Most of the organizations members are volunteers and tries best to minimize the cost and maximize the donation amount to the beneficiary.  

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