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Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement
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SANTI was established in 1995 and has been very active with more than 50 volunteers to improve the region through various activities. Some highlights are

  • SANTI Child Care Centre: We are providing full support to 25 children. We provide home, food, clothes, schooling, health monitoring. Few children are doing very well in school and achieving good grades. May be four children will pursue higher eductaion in future and we will support them. Also few children are interested in sports and performing well. We are hopeful that next year couple of them will participate in interschool level competition. 
  • SANTI Child Labour Elimination School: 50 children are enrolled in our Child Labour Elimination School. We are providing vocational training, basic education and lunch to these children. So far we have taught sewing, and jewelry making and few children have shown very good products.   We are excited to open a shop for them to sell the products made by these children. SANTI will not keep any profit and it will be distrubuted among particpant children.
  • Women Self Help Group: More than 500 women have been benefitted through SANTI. We helped to form more than 140 Women Self Help Group to make a living out of the group or through Government funded mid-day meal program. 
  • Women Employment Training: We have provided more than vocational training to more than 600 women to become self sufficient and confident to do well in work. We have also organized agriculture programmes for farmers/women to use fertilizers, varieties of high-breed seeds and pesticides for better yield.
  • Rural Sanitization Program:  We have disinfected several ponds and wells in our area. Also conducted health education and consequences of defacation.
  • Basic Rights and Regulation Program: We have been educating tribal people regarding their basic rights and duties. Conducted legal awareness programmes for women empowerment that helps to fight for justice. SANTI volunteers have presented  various presentations in rural area about consumer rights.


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