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Social Association for Nourishment, Training & Improvement
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 We are passionate about our work and help towards society. Most of the members are not paid by any means.We are proud to have been supported by more than 50 volunteers to help us in our various initiatives and current programs.

Founder: Mr. Sarat K Pati is the founder of the organization in 1995. He initiated many efforts since the beginning and organized numerous fund raising events for SANTI. He holds a passion to improve underprivileged people of the rural region . Through his leadership, SANTI is active in the field of health, education, vocational training etc improving quality of life for poor people. He is the Secretary/project director for SANTI , managing all activities with boots on the ground. He possess degree in Bachelor of Arts, BSW and MA in Literature.

Chairman/President: Mr. Ashok Dandpat
has a great flair to help educating children and women empowerment. Many charity activities are coordinated by Mr. Ashok in Kansas City, USA and also in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is born and brought up in Laing, a rural village near Rajgangpur, Odisha, India. From childhood, he has participated in national literacy programs. He has initiated the effort to SANTI Child Care Center and Child Labour Elimination Program also he was involved in Women Self Help Group formation and women Employment. Mr. Ashok was also a project coordinator to improve the scholarship fund for a school in Tanzania, Africa. He holds Masters Degree in electrical engineering from University of Missouri, USA and MBA from Aspen University, Denver, USA. Mr. Ashok volunteers and leads the organization with a heart to help betterment of children. Linkedin 

Vice President: Mr. Sunil Wagh is one of the key member for various programs such as Child Labour Elimination Program and SANTI Child Care Center. He has been deeply involved with the current programs in SANTI. He holds 
Masters Degree in compute science from University of Missouri, USA. Linkedin 
Board member: Mr. Nishikanta Mishra is an active member of the SANTI and helps to coordinate various activities in SANTI. He is a Sanskrit language teacher in local high school and passionate about fulfilling the need for students. He holds Masters degree from Puri University, Odisha, India.

We are proud to be supported by more than 50 volunteers globally to help us in our various initiatives and current programs.

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